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Weber Merritt was founded on the strength of our grassroots capabilities. Our extensive, influential and effective network of political operatives – Republicans, Democrats and community activists – can be activated on very short notice. They know the political landscape, the local community and, most importantly, the people whose opinions matter most – the friends, neighbors and business leaders to whom policymakers turn for advice.

Our field managers oversee multi-state campaigns that range from traditional grassroots and grasstops, mobilizing and engaging third party allies, local earned media effort and digital advocacy.  Tactical elements may include:

  • On-Ground Field Organizing
  • Constituent Activation
  • Grassroots and Grasstops Mobilizing
  • Issue Education and Materials Development
  • Press Events, Speakers Bureaus, Town Hall Meetings
  • Earned Local Media, Tailored Media Pitches & Outreach
  • Local Radio Spots
  • Local Elected Official Outreach
  • Digital audience engagement
  • Video and Digital production

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Bloomberg: Young Americans Are Killing Marriage
2017-04-04 10:56:12
There's no shortage of theories as to how and why today's young people differ from their parents. As marketing consultants never cease to point out, baby boomers and millennials appear to have starkly different attitudes about pretty much everything, from money and sports to breakfast and lunch.
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Grassroots, Business, and the Social Media "HyperVenue"
2017-02-03 13:43:00
Corporations and advocates of growth and opportunity have a lot to learn about grassroots and grasstops organizing. We pride ourselves on laying out an organizational strategy...
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Alternet: 10 Reasons Millennials Are the Screwed Generation
2017-01-24 09:48:00
Alternet author, Alex Henderson, shares why young people in the United States has inherited a broken country.
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What's the Deal with Millennials?
2017-01-17 12:37:00
Why do they do what they do politically? What’s the end game, what’s driving opinion now…and what might into the future? There are a lot of opinions on that. Most are based on measurements made using fairly traditional instruments: polls, spending habits, TV/video entertainment ratings. And of course, elections, also analyzed by polling, both exit and quantitative.
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