Campaign-Style Approach

Public Affairs

Weber Merritt helps organizations manage their reputations and monitor the business and legislative environments in which they operate. We begin by identifying stakeholder groups that can have an impact on your organization, then we establish and cultivate positive relationships with your key audiences.

From elected officials and news media to industry experts and academic voices, we engage opinion leaders who will champion your cause and make your case to the public.

  • Local Community Outreach & Education
  • Coalition Development
  • Earned Media
  • Outreach to Elected Officials
  • Social media

Strategic Communications

Rapidly shifting political or media landscapes can suddenly alter your business priorities and communication goals.  Weber Merritt continually monitors news cycles and public sentiment that can affect your organization to define the scope and direction of the campaign.

Whether positioning your brand or reputation, passing or defeating legislation, or managing a crisis, we can help you understand the environment in which you operate and fine-tune your strategy.

  • Strategic Communication Plans
  • Robust Campaign Planning
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Media Relations
  • Opposition Research and Rapid Response
  • Third Party Partnerships
  • Crisis Communications
  • Message Development
  • Online Awareness and Advocacy

Integrated Campaigns

The most effective campaigns are those that seamlessly integrate diverse tactical elements.  We employ every tool and resource at our disposal – from grassroots and coalition development to survey research and earned media – to develop multi-pronged approaches and attack your issue on all fronts.

Coalition Development & Management

Often times trade associations want to create a coalition among its membership to advocate around a specific policy initiative but lacks the bandwidth to manage the campaign and effort.  Weber Merritt has expertise in developing and managing coalitions, working with you to oversee the various moving parts:

  • Coalition Administration
  • Website Branding and Communications Materials
  • Social Media Branding and Strategy
  • Coordinate Strategy and Tactical Execution Among Sub-Contractors and Vendors
  • Establish Reporting Mechanism
  • Media Relations
  • Manage Field Campaigns


Our team of seasoned campaign communicators will make certain that each aspect of your campaign not only conforms to your objective, but also complements – not competes with – the other elements of communication efforts.  The result is a unified voice and a clear message.

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