American Pizza Community

In 2010, a group of pizza companies joined forces as the American Pizza Community to advocate for policies affecting pizza companies of all sizes and to support programs that allow the industry to grow and create jobs. Weber Merritt was hired to manage the coalition’s presence among policymakers in Washington, DC and help promote the uniqueness of pizza through public relations and advocacy efforts.

American Pizza CommunityMembers of the coalition include Blackjack Pizza, Breadeaux Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza, Hungry Howie’s, Hunt Brothers Pizza, the International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association, Little Caesars, Nick-N-Willy’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Papa's Pizza To-Go, Papa Romano's Pizza, Pieology, Pizza Factory, Pizza Schmizza, and Sam & Louie's Pizza. Collectively they represent 20,000 pizza restaurants and employ over 400,000 U.S. team members in stores in all 50 states. Supplier partners include Coca-Cola, Leprino Foods Company, Middleby Marshall, Paradise Tomato Kitchens, PepsiCo and Tyson Foods. Affiliate partners include the Consortium for Common Food Names, the National Pork Producers Council and the Tomato Products Wellness Council.

Coalition Management

  • Facilitate regular communications among the members which includes pizza companies, regional chains, small business franchise owners, suppliers and vendors.
  • Coordinate an annual legislative fly-in to meet with policymakers.
  • Develop collateral materials.
  • Assist with membership recruitment.


  • Mobilize franchisees to weigh-in with their elected officials about specific pieces of legislation.
  • Draft communications for grassroots outreach.
  • Facilitate annual legislative fly-in for franchisees.

Public Relations

  • Conduct media outreach.
  • Write press releases and press materials.
  • Launched new website and create content.
  • Created social channel profiles and oversee digital presence.

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