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Twenty years ago, Jim Weber and Bernie Merritt had a conversation about turning their political campaign experience into a business…today, Weber Merritt is a recognized leader in the public affairs industry.
Jim Weber


Jim Weber

Jim Weber

With a career spanning both houses of Congress, a presidential campaign, and managing political races around the country, Minnesota native Jim Weber brought a wealth of experience when he and Bernie Merritt decided to start a business together in 1994. The two started one of the first grassroots consultancies in Washington, D.C., and over the years have added other practice areas to make it a full-service public affairs firm. Today, Jim still gets excited to help navigate a client through the ever-mucky waters of finely tuning a message that will resonate with policy makers.

Bernie Merritt


Bernie Merritt

Bernie Merritt

As Northeast Political Director for Jack Kemp’s 1988 Presidential campaign, Bernie Merritt worked a tough campaign trail and witnessed first-hand that “all politics are local.” Following a stint in the Office of the Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, he leaned on his entrepreneurial spirit to team up with Jim Weber and turned his network of campaign operatives into a grassroots consultancy business that today is still one of the most prolific and effective political operative networks in the country.

How We Advocate for You

Effective Targetings

Whether tailoring a message to the media, identifying editorial opportunities, or creating a groundswell of public support for or against a policy initiative, our team understands that effective targeting for local, regional or national audiences is the key to any successful public affairs campaign.

Voices from Home

We manage effective field campaigns utilizing our nationwide network of political operatives who know the political landscape, the local community and, most importantly, the people whose opinions matter most - the voices from home - whom policymakers turn to for advice.

Campaign-Style Approach

Our team of seasoned campaign communicators offer strategic advice when needed and aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done. Our collaborative approach works with you to manage integrated campaigns and ensure that all the tactics in the toolkit are coordinated and work cohesively together.

Political Intelligence

Weber Merritt has a long history of helping clients understand the subtleties of good advocacy campaign targeting. Nothing is more critical to effective targeting than to have complete and current understanding of the politics of any individual state or district.

Digital Advocacy

It is important now more than ever that your campaigns include digital advocacy to influence public opinion. From social media engagement and campaigning, video advocacy, websites and online ads, we build digital advocacy into your campaigns to reach multi-generational groups.

Fairfax County Meals Tax Case Study

Case Study: Fairfax County Meals Tax Defeated

Weber Merritt launched an educational campaign in Fairfax County to inform voters of the referendum question and what it would truly mean for their hard-earned money

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